Lack of New York Representation: Disappointing All-Star Game Rosters Highlight Mets and Yankees’ Struggles

okegoalTuesday, 4 July 2023 | 11:53 GMT+0000
Lack of New York Representation Disappointing All-Star Game Rosters Highlight Mets and Yankees' Struggles
Pete Alonso will represent the Mets in the All-Star Game and will also participate in the Home Run Derby. (Photo: John Bazemore/Associated Press) - There will be a distinct lack of at this year's in Seattle.

Despite the and the boasting the two largest in , exceeding $600 million in combined (as reported by Spotrac), their presence in the midsummer classic will be underwhelming.

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The final luxury tax bills, expected to be determined later this year, will push their combined expenditure well over the $700 million mark.

Surprisingly, with all that financial muscle, both teams only managed to secure three players on the All-Star this year, as announced on Sunday night.

The will be sending pitcher Gerrit Cole and the injured outfielder Aaron Judge, who is currently sidelined with a toe injury, while the will be represented by first baseman Pete Alonso.

To put this into perspective, in the previous season when both teams were flourishing, they combined for an impressive 10 All-Star selections. The drop in this year is certainly noteworthy.

The Yankees, with a current record of 46-38 and positioned for the American League's third wild-card spot, have historically been a constant presence at the .

Since its inception in 1933, the Yankees have had at least one player participate in an astonishing 90 out of the 92 All-Star Games.

However, due to injuries and the need for rest, it remains uncertain if they will have anyone donning the pinstripes at this year's event.

Aaron Judge, elected as an All-Star starter for the American League, has been limited to just 49 games due to his toe injury, despite hitting 19 home runs during that time.

His return date remains unknown. On the other hand, Gerrit Cole, having an exceptional season with a 2.79 E.R.A., pitched on Sunday and would normally be scheduled to pitch next on Friday, leaving him with one day less of rest than usual.

However, with Carlos Rodón expected to come off the injured list and start Friday's game, Cole's schedule might be further altered, potentially providing him with even less time to recover before the All-Star Game.