Laporte: Many Players Don’t Feel At Home In Saudi Arabia

okegoalSunday, 21 January 2024 | 07:20 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - 's departure was understood by defender Aymeric Laporte. Because many top players find it difficult to adapt, so they don't feel at home.

Henderson only stayed in the for six months before leaving and returning to Europe to join Ajax Amsterdam. Henderson was always the first choice, but he has adapted to the culture and tradition in Saudi Arabia.

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Henderson's departure is seen as a door to the exodus of top players in Saudi Arabia. Because , Jota, and Roberto Firmino also think that way. Benzema and Firmino are even busy looking for a new club in the January .

This situation is certainly not expected by the operators who are trying to increase their popularity. In addition, the high salaries do not automatically make the players happy.

Laporte, one of the players who moved to Saudi Arabia, admitted this. There are several players who are said to be uncomfortable playing there, including himself, who is in the process of adjusting.

“A big change of course compared to Europe, but in the end it's all a question of adjustment,” Laporte said, according to ESPN.

“They didn't make it easy for us. In fact, there were a lot of players who didn't feel at home.”

“But we try to adapt every day and see if there is a little improvement. This is also something new for them as we have players from Europe who have a lot of experience.”

“Maybe they're not used to it and should be a little more serious.”

“Yes, they treat us well, but not well enough in my opinion. In Europe they pay the players well, but they take better care of the players.”

“I don't want to go yet. I haven't thought about it yet, but if I'm disappointed later, you'll have to ask yourself that.”