Dear MU, Don’t Keep Players Like Antony For Too Long

okegoalSunday, 21 January 2024 | 07:21 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - are advised to make quick decisions on players who do not develop like . The 23-year-old winger is still struggling in his second year.

was bought expensively by Ajax in the summer of 2022, namely for £86 million. After appearing quite promising in his first season, which saw MU finish in the top four and win the Cup, Antony has been sluggish this season.

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He has not contributed any goals or assists in 22 appearances across all competitions. Last season he scored eight goals and three assists in 44 games across all competitions.

In total, he has scored eight goals and three assists in 66 appearances for MU. His this season has drawn a lot of criticism, including from some former MU players who believe his game is too easy to understand.

Former MU striker is among those who cannot stand Antony's and is urging the club not to keep him around for long. As is known, Antony is under contract until June 2027.

Yorke also urged MU not to be comfortable handing out long contracts to players who haven't been truly tested.

“There will always be question marks when recruiting such expensive players, especially when they play for a club like . Players like Antony will understand that they are not performing as well as they should,” he said, according to Metro.

“It's difficult for him and I'm sorry, but the responsibility lies with him and the club if things don't go well.”

“Clubs need to offload such players as quickly as possible, otherwise they will be stuck in the same situation every season: having mediocre players tied to long-term contracts and not making the expected contribution,” Yorke added.