Klopp: De Bruyne Has Recovered, All Of England Is Afraid!

okegoalWednesday, 3 January 2024 | 02:42 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - manager does not want to brag about his team's chances of winning the English . Furthermore, will be strengthened by the presence of once again.

confirmed its position at the top of the English standings after defeating 4-2, Tuesday (2/1/2024) early in the morning Western Indonesia time. The team has 45 points, three points behind Aston Villa, who is in second place.

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While , who once dominated at the top, are now on the decline, and Villa have little experience in competing at the top, Liverpool are clearly favorites to win. Their so far is considered stable after only one defeat and they have only conceded 18 goals in 20 matches.

Meanwhile, City, as defending champions, are still experiencing ups and downs in their . However, Klopp is reluctant to become complacent as the season is still long and anything can happen.

Klopp gave the example of , who were at the top on Christmas Day, but have now fallen to fourth place. Not to mention, when we talk about City, it is very likely that De Bruyne will be able to play in the near future.

De Bruyne's recovery after being absent since last August due to hamstring surgery is considered a turning point for City. Because De Bruyne has been the citizens' life all this time.

Klopp told Sky Sports: “So far things are going smoothly (regarding Liverpool's chances of winning the league). There is no doubt about that.”

“But, last week – which seemed like a few hours ago – Arsenal seemed to be going on their own. If you talked about that day, you would say ‘they're finished'. Tottenham lost their chance to win, but now they're finished.” behind. ”

is ready to play again. Every corner of is starting to feel afraid.”