Pedri: I Get Injured Easily, Not Because Of My Lifestyle!

okegoalWednesday, 3 January 2024 | 02:47 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - has been criticized for being prone to injury due to his unhealthy lifestyle. The midfielder strongly denied this.

is still struggling to appear regularly this season due to injury. Finally, Pedri has been out since December 18th due to a muscle injury.

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Although Pedri only started playing again in mid-November after missing twelve games due to a hamstring injury. Pedri has made just 11 appearances in all competitions this season, scoring one and one assist.

Pedri's current condition has brought him into the spotlight as he is easily injured. There are people who think that since Pedri made a name for himself, he has completely changed and can no longer take care of his body.

This assumption was strongly disputed by Pedri, who stressed that he was not that type of player. Pedri even tries to lead a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and injury-free.

“My first season at was very long, I played 73 games. That could have an impact, but I want to keep playing,” Pedri told Ibai Llanos, quoted by Espana.

“Everyone says that after the first experience you can get injured again. But I'm working hard physically and mentally so that something like this doesn't happen again. I changed my diet and do Pilates. Puyi (Puyol) recommended it to me. People- People think Pilates is synonymous with women, but I don't think so.”

“It hurts me when people say that this injury is due to my lifestyle. I don't like going out, I don't like parties and I don't like staying late at night. I like training, I just want to play.”

Pedri is currently recovering and it is not yet known when he will return. Pedri is expected to be absent when Barcelona face Osasuna in the Spanish Super Cup semi-final on January 12 and in the previous two games in LaLiga and the Copa del Rey.

“I don't know when I'll be back, at least not in the near future.”