Real Madrid Hides Kylian Mbappe’s Worst Scenario At PSG Getting More Real

okegoalSaturday, 15 July 2023 | 11:27 GMT+0000
real madrid hides kylian mbappe s worst scenario at psg getting more real 4e89a0f - appears to have prepared for the worst-case scenario involving its star player, Kylian .

So far, have not been able to do much to convince to leave for another team.

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Aside from a transfer fee that won't be cheap, not just any club can come to terms with .

The reason is that the player has only one after leaving later on.

It is known that Mbappe is looking forward to playing for the Spanish team one day.

It is not only Mbappe who has high hopes for .

also has the same hopes as Mbappe with Real Madrid.

That is, Paris Saint-Germain wants Real Madrid to immediately make an offer to bring Mbappe this season.

However, the La Liga team did not want to do so.

They believe Mbappe will receive an offer when his contract expires next year, according to Spanish .

For this reason, there is no reason for Madrid to be in a rush to pursue the signature of the 2018 World Cup winner.

Thus, Paris Saint-Germain is preparing to release Mbappe for free next season.

They won't cost a penny when the French superstar leaves.

However, PSG and Real Madrid fans cannot close their eyes to the possibility of this happening.

The reason is that the player is still open until the end of August.

It is not uncommon for sudden to happen before the closes.

But to achieve this big surprise, Real Madrid needed a big fee.

Paris Saint-Germain has committed at least €200m to the team that wants to sign the 24-year-old.

Given the team's interests, Real Madrid actually needs a figure like Mbappe.

They can use Mbappe as one of the attackers working in a 4-4-2 scheme.

This scheme will make El Real less dependent on the classic No. 9 striker.

They could align Mbappe with to fill the poster slot.

It seems that Real Madrid will be difficult if they continue to use one striker next season.

They have no substitute for who acts as a complete striker.

A solution might be to pair Vini with other frontline players.