3 Reasons Why Manchester United Have Completely Failed In The 2023 Premier League Transfer Market

okegoalTuesday, 18 July 2023 | 01:17 GMT+0000
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Okegoal.com - is expected to fail in the summer of 2023.

There are three reasons why it will be difficult for to succeed in the transfer window this season.

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is one of the teams that appears to be busy in the 2023 summer .

To date, many players have been linked to Manchester United.

However, Manchester United could only officially sign one player, Mason Mount.

Setah Merah will almost certainly get the services of .

However, as long as no official announcement was made, Onana's transfer still stood a chance of falling through.

Indeed, Manchester United's opponents have attracted a lot of new players.

Take , for example, who did their best this summer by bringing in three star players, Kai Havertz, Jorjen Timber and .

There is also who brought in Dominic Zuboszlai and Alexis McAlister.

So, what caused Manchester United to fail so miserably in the transfer market this summer?

Quoting Sportskeeda, here are three reasons why Manchester United have failed miserably in the transfer market this summer:

1. Less attractive than Manchester United

Although it is hard to believe, in reality, Manchester United currently does not have such a strong attraction for star players as it once did.

In the past decade, the have failed to compete to win the .

Apart from that, Manchester United can't speak much when asked to compete in European competition, especially the .

Despite reaching the final and winning the Europa League, Manchester United should not be in the second tier competition in Europe.

Therefore, many star players prefer to pin their rivals.

Name it after who ultimately chose over Manchester United.

has proven he can pull off the winning hat-trick after joining The Citizens.

2. Limited conversion budget

This summer, was reportedly given a spending budget of just £120m.

This amount is certainly not a lot for a big club like Manchester United.