Casemiro’s Two Big Dreams, Boosting Manchester United’s Achievements Including Priority

okegoalSaturday, 8 July 2023 | 12:59 GMT+0000
casemiro s two big dreams boosting manchester united s achievements including priority 3a71323 - midfielder reflects on his decision to leave .

admits he has no regrets and instead fell in love with his current team, .

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Casemiro cited several factors that made him immediately feel comfortable at Manchester United.

One of them is interacting with fans.

In any case, Casemiro immediately became a fan's dream come true.

He was hailed during these difficult times and was often seen as MU's savior.

The Brazilian admitted that he was surprised by the fans' unusual reaction.

The reason is that he did not expect fans to like him in an instant.

Casemiro said on Blackar's Twitter account, “Of course I want an era full of love, respect and titles for everyone.”

“But I never imagined the process would go this fast.”

“This is very unusual and surprising to me,” he said.

Separately, Casemiro also revealed what big dreams he is currently dreaming of.

The 31-year-old has two big dreams that haven't been fulfilled.

One of his big dreams is to lead Manchester United back to champions.

Currently, Casemiro is sharing his dream with coach .

Ten Hag immediately committed to putting MU back in title contention.

But in his first season, he was able to lead United to victory in the Carabao Cup.

Perhaps Manchester United will say more in their second season than Ten Hag and Casemiro later.

They also definitely require effort to make it happen.

“My biggest dream is to win the World Cup with Brazil and lead Manchester United to victory again,” Casemiro concluded his speech.