Declan Rice Dreamed Of Winning The Premier League And Champions League With Arsenal

okegoalTuesday, 18 July 2023 | 01:14 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - has been with West Ham, the club that bears the nickname The Hammers, for nine years.

Starting from entering the academy to the first level and winning the European Conference League season 2022/2023. More private with the captain he carries.

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But now, a new adventure will begin with , in the English , the Community Shield, the FA Cup, and what we are looking forward to is the after being absent for seven years.

For , playing in the would be the first opportunity in his career.

And the club's official website quoted Declan Rice as saying, “I'm really excited about it.”

He continued, “I have said for many years that I want to play in the Champions League.”

He explained, “I want to push myself to the highest level. This opportunity originated in , as Arsenal are in the Champions League (this season), it is a great club.”

He added, “I want to be as successful as possible with Arsenal, to appear as much as possible in the Champions League, and I hope to win this trophy one day.”

His current ambition is to win and win with the London Cannons club.

Jorginho also revealed when commenting on the arrival of his former teammate Kai Havertz.

“I want the best for everyone! ” Jorginho said during a casual chat with Frimpion on Arsenal's YouTube show.

“Everyone here wants to win and win,” he added.

Declan Rice hopes his presence in the Arsenal squad will provide a positive mindset for the club, the team and the fans.

“My ambition now is to win with Arsenal,” he said.

“I think this fan base deserves it. There's the FA Cup, the Community Shield, but now it's time to expand and win the and win the Champions League.”

“I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe it. I believe in this team. I believe in the coach (Mikel Arteta). ”

“We have very good energy and when it pushes everyone in the right direction.”