Desperate For A Move To Chelsea, Caicedo Expresses His Desire To Defend The Blues

okegoalWednesday, 12 July 2023 | 13:17 GMT+0000
desperate for a move to chelsea caicedo expresses his desire to defend the blues 416bcab

OKEGOAL.COM - Like a Tit for one, the midfielder currently defending the Brighton pennant has greeted enthusiastically on 's desire to bring in on the spot.

As previously known, the new Blues boss wants to get this 21-year-old by all means after a number of midfielders have moved on.

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Such personalities as N ‘Golo Kante, Mateo Kovacic, Mason Mount and Ruben Loftus-Cheek have officially moved and left vacancy in the center of the stadium.

Because of this situation, Todd Boyle is reported to be willing to spend up to £100m to secure the services of a player from Ecuador.

Caicedo's arrival is also likely to become a reality soon after the midfielder confirmed his interest.

Reported by from The Mirror, Caicedo admits he's interested in being part of 's development plan under Pochettino

“It's a big team, that's right,” he said.

“A very historic team and I can't say no because it's a very big, historic and beautiful team. The city is beautiful too.” Caicedo continued.

Caicedo also said his departure could benefit Brighton moving forward.

“I am proud to be able to make a record transfer for Brighton which will allow them to reinvest it and help the club remain successful.”

Caicedo also assured the fans that his move to Chelsea would be a source of joy for the Brighton supporters.

“My heart has been captured by the fans and will always be in my heart, so I hope they understand why I want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.”

Brighton has a high price tag

Although Chelsea and Caicedo have stated that they love each other, this transfer could be disrupted if Brighton carry out tough negotiations.

Brighton believes Caicedo, who has a contract until 2027 with the option of a one-year extension, should be priced high.

The club nicknamed The Seagulls is said to have set a face value of £100m for Chelsea.

That's fair value for them considering previously paid a similar amount to bring in .

Like Caicedo, Rice also had a year remaining on his West Ham contract before being sold to .