He Coached The Saudi Al-Ittifaq Club, And Steven Gerrard’s Way Of Continuing The Ambition To Deal With Liverpool

okegoalFriday, 14 July 2023 | 09:08 GMT+0000
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OKEGOAL.COM - legend made a big decision in his career by accepting the proposal of the Saudi club Al-Ettifaq.

Although Gerrard previously bragged that he would not accept a coaching offer in the league.

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In the end, he changed his decision and immediately participated in the Al-Ettifaq project in the Saudi League next season.

Somehow, Gerrard's coaching career in Saudi Arabia will not go smoothly.

Because at the beginning of his cultivation era, he faced a huge hurdle.

Language problems are an undeniable issue in agreement.

As seen in the video that went viral on social media, Gerrard finds it difficult to give directions to his players.

He has already required his players to make quick short passes in the training session.

Unfortunately, Gerrard's intention was not well received by his players.

It seems that the employees of “The Accord” still cannot understand the meaning of Stevie G's words.

“One two, one two “, Gerrard said in the agreement training session.

Then he realized that his players did not want to communicate with each other during training sessions.

Gerrard tried to highlight it and immediately stopped training.

He continued “No connection “.

Career bridge

Of course is hoping his agreement career can end brilliantly.

He didn't want to tarnish his good achievements while training in the Blue Continent.

Gerrard's report card during his time at Glasgow Rangers and Aston Villa could not be crossed out in this way.

In fact, his journey at Aston Villa was not very smooth.

However, he made Villa one of the surprises at the start of the season.

His coaching career, which lasted only 12 months, left him distraught.

The reason is that he dreams of becoming a manager one day.

In fact, Gerrard made it happen some time ago.

He was in charge of the Liverpool Under-18s before taking up the challenge of managing Glasgow Rangers.

However, Gerrard's goals are certainly not just to coach ' age group squad.

The former captain certainly has ambitions to become Liverpool's first team captain.