Moments When Sandro Tonali’s Girlfriend Explodes On The Newcastle Training Ground

okegoalSaturday, 8 July 2023 | 13:01 GMT+0000
moments when sandro tonali s girlfriend explodes on the newcastle training ground b49f22e - Sandro Tonali's girlfriend, Juliette Pastore, looked stunned as she walked into 's training area for the first time, on Saturday (8/7/2023) local time.

Sandro Tonali and Juliet Pastore had the chance to visit 's training ground, Darsley Park which is located in Paignton, Tyneside, a suburb of Newcastle.

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Before visiting the Newcastle training ground, the player brought in from and his girlfriend saw the house Sandro Tonali would occupy while wearing a Magpies uniform.

They walked around the contents of the house, complete with gym facilities, beautiful views and a putting green that can be used just to play ball, YouTuber Newcastle United reported.

After that, Sandro Tonali, Juliet Pastore and their entourage visited the Newcastle training ground.

They first finished their papers at the front of the office, then entered the team's dining room.

Entering the dining room, Juliette Pastore was surprised to see that she was in such good shape.

The footage shows Juliet's expressionless expression, flailing as he looks around the dining room.

As Sportbible reports, in recent months Newcastle's training ground has undergone renovations in several parts.

There is the addition of a hydrotherapy room and soaking pool, better changing rooms, and a refurbished show room.

Then the modern players lounge, new office dining room. The room made Pasteur yawn.

After passing the dining room, Sandro Tonali, who was accompanied by the club staff, made a tour to get a sense of the situation in the training ground, the screening room, the gym area and the players' locker room.

On the second day in the city of Newcastle, Sandro Tonali visited St. James' Park, which is none other than the home base of the club nicknamed The Magpies.

There he met Newcastle coach Eddie Howe, and at the end of the session met the captain of The Magpies Kieran Trippier.

Trippier welcomes Tonali with pleasure, he does not hesitate when he needs help, he is always there for the former Brescia player.